A little bit about us!

Welcome to the delightful world of Sweet as El, tucked away in the heart of Ballarat. We're Ellen and Jamie (and LInc!), the dream team behind these irresistibly tasty treats. Our mission? To make your taste buds celebrate!

The Sweet Adventure Begins!

Picture this: it's 2016, and we're in Europe, a wonderland where pastries and confections are kings and queens. There we were, sampling every delicious morsel, when inspiration struck like lightning! Ellen, with her extraordinary baking talent, began scribbling down vibrant, unique dessert ideas on a humble sticky note. Back in Ballarat, we realised our destiny was to infuse our city with some of that magical European confectionery charm.

Why Sweet as El? Because Ordinary Just Won't Cut It!

Here at Sweet as El, it's not merely about baking cookies; it's about crafting moments of joy! Our star attraction? The New York-style cookie – a thick, delightful, flavour-packed marvel that's practically a celebration in every bite. But that's just the beginning! Our menu is a kaleidoscope of tastes, constantly evolving with new, inventive delights inspired by our travels, your suggestions, and sometimes just our wild dessert fantasies!

Crafted with Love, Served with a Smile

Each creation at Sweet as El is a piece of our story, presented with a dash of happiness. From the satisfying crunch of our signature cookies to the luxurious indulgence of our custom desserts, every bite is an occasion. We're in the business of baking smiles, one delicious treat at a time.

Our Community: The Heart of Our Story

Sweet as El isn't just about us; it's about our community – the dessert lovers, the sweet treat enthusiasts, and the kind-hearted souls of Ballarat and beyond. You'll find us at local markets, adding a touch of sweetness to events with our catering, and collaborating with wonderful partners to spread joy. As we expand, our commitment to fun, quality, and delightful cookies remains unwavering!

What's Next? A Future Filled with Sweet Surprises!

Our journey is just getting started, and there's plenty more to come from our kitchen! We're always experimenting with new flavours and dreaming up the next delicious creation. Stay excited, stay hungry, and thank you for being part of our sweet adventure!